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Welcome to the Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust website...

This, Australia's first Civic Trust, established in 1964, marked 50 years of service in 2014. 

The Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust was later formally incorporated under the NSW Incorporation Act (1984) on 5 December 1988.  The Trust has achieved much since its foundation, to put the case to Federal, State and Local Governments, as well as to Statutory Authorities, for the survival of what remains of our passive and defenceless natural beauty, and for citizens who wish to continue to enjoy this natural beauty and other desirable civic amenities.

The Trust also aims to preserve the existing village character, heritage values, and the natural beauty of the Beecroft and Cheltenham district. You can find out more about our aims and objectives in our constitution

URGENT 'PHONE CONTACT - Trust Secretary - 0408 751 915.    MEDIA ENQUIRIES - Trust President - 0407 454 227.

Changes to 10/50 - Reduced Entitlement Areas - are they enough?

Nature Conservation Council CEO, Kate Smolski, said the NSW Government needed to immediately suspend the rule:

"The rule overrides years of carefully crafted environmental protections, including the Threatened Species Conservation Act and tree preservation orders - protections many people have fought for years to put in place,"she saidFull details at ABC web-site

Hornsby Shire Council had advised that on 27 November 2014 the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) announced changes to the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Code of Practice, effective immediately.  [Clearing] entitlement areas have been reduced by the NSW Government to 100 metres for Category 1, & 30 metres for Category 2 vegetation.  The previous areas were 350metres &150metres respectively.  See Hornsby Shire Council web-site:details

Trees to be removed outside these entitlement areas require Council approval. To work out if you're covered by the eligible areas, check the RFS website online tool.  It contains the latest information on areas covered.

Residents have asked how much worse does the environmental destruction need to get before NSW Premier Mike Baird calls a halt to this broad-brush code 10/50 clearing legislation?   More details at Sydney Morning Herald.


Proposed 7-12 month closure of Epping to Chatswood rail tunnels & stations

NSW Transport Minister Berejiklian has effectively gifted to Hong Kong MTR the publicly-owned Epping to Chatswood line, as part of the North West Rail link.  This line will close for downsizing for seven to twelve months, causing major inconvenience to the travelling public.  

If each train currently carries 800 people, every 15 minutes between Epping and Chatswood, that will require 16 buses every fifteen minutes to replace each train.  Recent media articles have shown the bus journey could take 58 minutes (Epping to Chatswood at 8am) compared with around 17 minutes by train. 

When Minister Berejiklian was questioned by the Trust regarding the 14,000 commuters per day inconvenienced by the rail line closure, she said: “get used to it”.

The Trust has sent its submission, which is accessible at:CLICK HERE


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