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Welcome to the Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust website...

This, Australia's first Civic Trust, established in 1964, is marking 50 years of service in 2014. 

The Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust was formally incorporated under the NSW Incorporation Act (1984) on 5 December 1988.  The Trust has achieved much since its foundation, to put the case to Federal, State and Local Governments, as well as to Statutory Authorities, for the survival of what remains of our passive and defenceless natural beauty, and for citizens who wish to continue to enjoy this natural beauty and other desirable civic amenities.

The Trust also aims to preserve the existing village character, heritage values, and the natural beauty of the Beecroft and Cheltenham district. You can find out more about our aims and objectives in our constitution

URGENT 'PHONE CONTACT - Trust Secretary - 040 875 1915.    MEDIA ENQUIRIES - Trust President - 0407 454 227.

Epping to Thornleigh Third Track - Urban Design & Landscape Plan Finalised

In June 2014, the ETTT project released its finalised Urban Design & Landscape Plan - some 200 pages - pages 7 to 11 provide a summary.

Earlier this year ETTT project had released a draft plan for comment.  Details are accessible at Click Here 

Your Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust prepared an interim response [accessible at Interim Response] and sought additional details from ETTT about: 


5 May Cheltenham MEETING OPPOSES North West Rail Link Downsizing ...

Over 200 concerned residents listened to a panel of MPs and others present on the poorly considered downsizing of the proposed NWRL.  One resident's message reflected what many thought:

Excellent job all round and one that makes us proud to be a part of the Beecroft Cheltenham community.  Here is a link to an article on the evening – interestingly the public comments after the link are supportive of our position.”

ALSO, please join 2300+ others & sign our e-PETITION   –   NWRL is a good concept  Downsizing it is not!

Register your concern by adding your name to the petition CLICK HERE 


Beecroft Town Centre DA - 7, 7A-C Chapman & 81 Beecroft Road, Beecroft

Reflecting local and nearby residents' concerns, your Trust has obtained further expert advice and put a comprehensive additional objection in June to the above development.  Click for: FULL OBJECTION

Key concerns are:

  • Building style and finishes are poor
  • Non-compliant height of proposed development
  • Heritage Assessment is inadequate
  • Car access and headlights
  • Balconies proposed are within the 10 metre setback
  • Landscaping
  • Rear setback of the development should be 8 to 10 metres
  • The required separation between buildings of 9 metres is breached
  • Development intrudes 6 metres from the Heritage house at 83 Beecroft Road
  • Top storey setbacks required by DCP are breached
  • Trees are still regrettably regarded as an afterthought
  • Retaining the existing fencing along Beecroft Road & Chapman
  • Building depth requirements (of 18 metres in SEPP 65) are exceeded
  • Rear setback breached by balconies to rear
  • Failure to comply with need for 3 metre clearance between walls of lower and top storey walls
  • Building Separation with adjoining properties.

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